"I like banging really loud and hard and fast, yes, faster! FASTER!" *Bloodhole Nov'22

[A philosophical and psychedelic speedcore gabba terrortour with scents of horror, rave, hiphop, breaks, oldschool loudspeaker hugging moments and more..


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Syndicate - Outbreak C-Tank - Nightmares are reality Jimmy S. - Happy Terror Skullblower- Hidden dark steel Animal Intelligence - Why fuck (Hedonist RMX) Technological Terror Crew - Dopeman TTC style
Basstard - My Fucking Way (Bloodhole RFX) Audiotist - Friday Fever Win - Speakers die Ademhalen (Bloodhole lick it RMX) Paul Blackout - Handle your biz Akira - XTRM is what we are Babylon Squid - Passing me by Drokz - What can man do Repeater - Poor bad health constitution C-Tank - The rave zone Paul Blackout - Simulated demons Basstard - From hell to earth Anorak - Up your Inuendo Epsilon - No Try Dr. Bastardo - Don't need u mix Overcast - Problem solver Skid Marks - Throbbing Along Aftermath - Dark Soul Rexanthony - For u marlene Annihilator - I'll show u my gun Rob Gee - Gabber up your ass DJ Dano - Fuck em all Moleculez - Negative elements The Emperator - Death
Dark Invaders - World Invasion Weirdmunky - Sunshowers ft MIA High Energy - Revolution Autistic Ghost - Fist the police Vitamin - My house is your house Kriz Le & Bloodhole - Reverse durchdrehen (unmastered) Basstard - House of Murder Animal Intelligence - another object of a Rave

the video is a bit bad cause I accidently recorded my headphone channel on the stream, so u hear me preselect and beatmatching. i recommend listening to the edit above cause its more listenable and if u want nice eyecandy my friend Esaese made, play the video without the sound under it